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Heavy Is the Hyphen: The Listener

Listening skills unearth students’ perceptions of self and belonging to tell a new story about themselves in a voice that lives naturally on their tongue. Heavy Is the Hyphen: The Listener develops learners’ capacity to listen deeply as a preparation for future introductory poetry and letter-writing lessons, inviting students to see and be seen, hear and be heard. This lesson is to be followed by Heavy is the Hyphen: The Letter.

LENGTH: Two 50min Sessions


SUBJECT: English Language Arts | US History


What is the potential of self discovery when we put inquiry and listening at the heart of learning?


  • Projector, laptop, wifi

  • Sticky-board or wall for post-its

  • Stopwatch/ timer


Session 1: Listening is an Act of Love and Literacy

Session 2: Hear You, See You, Feel You

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