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Studio Pathways extends deep gratitude to our funders, partners and friends for their support. Thanks to Stuart Foundation and Panta Rhea for their generous financial support of this project.  


Special thanks to Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Jamie DeWolf, James Kass, Indi McCasey, Aurora Toshiko King, Lisa Maria, Destiny Arts, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Youth Speaks, Alameda County Office of Education, Hank Willis Thomas, Jack Shainman Gallery, Jeff Chang, Ena Dallas, Sonja Travick, OakTechRep, Sydney & Asher. Thank you to Jon Rua and Daveed Diggs from the original Hamilton cast.  And a note of appreciation for Lin-Manuel Miranda who has inspired more possibility for humanity than any one human can ever imagine.



This work is dedicated to all youth who deserve a better future than the one desired and dictated by oppressive systems and structures in these United States.


We hope you are inspired to use the range of lessons developed for you and your students to explore the content and themes of Hamilton to provoke a generation that is ready to Rise Up! to their potential, their imaginations, and claim the liberties and freedoms that are aimed at a perceived few but rightfully belong to us all!  

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