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Rise Up! uses creative inquiry to explore Hamilton: An American Musical. Lessons help students to understand and critically examine Hamilton themes and artistry, and to express their own personal narrative through writing and performance.



  • Explore concepts of democracy and citizenship and how they can be used to rise up within today's political and cultural movements

  • Guide students to use creative inquiry to find meaning in the past

  • Affirm student narratives that combat ideologies of hate and exclusion within American history and today’s political environment

  • Support students to use of artistic forms such as mimicry, metaphor, and projection to develop their capacity and skills for social innovation

The Rise Up! Curriculum includes standards-aligned modules for high school students in Theatre Arts and English Language Arts.  Lessons embrace concepts and core values that include: Creative Inquiry, Accessibility, Intersectionality & Racial Justice, Liberatory Arts Research Practices, Professional/Contemporary/Theatre Artist Dispositions, Critical Thinking & Reflection.

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