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These lessons are built on a dissection of pre-assigned readings, Hamilton-inspired free writes, and open discussions intended to make connections between historical phenomena and personal narratives. Over the course of the five lessons there is an emphasis on generating figurative language which then becomes the “word bank” for students to access as they move to a culminating assignment which is a personal essay that asks students to consider their own “personal” revolution.

LENGTH: Ten 50min Session


SUBJECT: Social Studies | US History | Civics



  • What phenomenas inform revolutions?

  • What are the similarities between cultural and economic revolutions in the United States?

  • What are the conditions and characteristics necessary to initiate a ‘personal revolution’?

  • What are our Collective Needs?


  • Projector

  • Audio player/ computer speakers to play digital recording of Hamilton Soundtrack


Session 1: How Much a Dollar Cost?

Session 2: In It Together

Session 3: Rising Up, Leadership in Despair, In It Together

Session 4: We all we got. Making something out of nothing. Can we design freedom?

Session 5: Pulling it all together. Write your way out. Liberty or Death. A Personal Revolution?

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