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Studio Pathway Assessment: Journal

Throughout the lessons found in this curriculum we invite you to assess students authentically using the journal format. Poised with the structured questions, journals inspire a deeper sense of critical analysis of the world, as a learner explores critical content and investigates through research, reflection, action, and self awareness.

We encourage the making and using of accordion journals in this curriculum because of their historical lineage, easy form, and availability to be used flexibly throughout the lessons presented in the modules.  Handmade journals typically spark the best attachment to the journal itself and increase the ability for the the learner to engage with an individualized documentation process.

Three Basic Areas for Theatre Arts Evaluation

In evaluating the performing arts, it can be helpful to use the following categories for assessing student work:


Creative Inquires provide context to the purpose of each lesson.  They are the understanding goals or essential questions to explore the content of each lesson.


This describes the key content knowledge to be surfaced, explored and attained for each lesson.


This describes the knowledge that will be applied as the lessons unfold. Incorporates understanding of the progression of a creative inquiry process.  

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