Heavy Is the Hyphen: The Letters

April 1, 2018





“The Letters" is an invitation to witness and speak aloud the story of “The Hyphen.” It’s a moment--in lesson form--to affirm every voice that has been made to feel less than, “othered,” silenced, in between” already know and believe to be true/untrue about American History, and then challenge them (and ourselves) to seek out life between the lines.


The Letter is set of recursive processes that when facilitated with critical care and humility, has the potential to spark deep shifts in teacher practice, and learners’ perceptions of self and purpose. Using a three-tier model, each lesson builds upon the previous workshop, Heavy Is the Hyphen: The Listener, which exclusively focus on techniques for oral storytelling


LENGTH  Three 50min Sessions


SUBJECT  English Language Arts  | US History




How can we more deeply engage students in telling authentic, personal counter narratives using creative writing and spoken word strategies?


How can we create moments of critical reflection and analysis of American culture and society, in which students can articulate individual narratives as part of a larger American Story?



Projector, laptop, wifi

player and Speakers




Session One: Dear God, Dear Stars, Dear Trees

Session Two: Dear Name

Session Three: Dear Founding Fathers


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