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  • Mariah Rankine-Landers

Let Me Tell You What I Wish I Knew

Whoever’s holding the frame gets to tell the story, shape the vision, because Europeans have told the story that’s the story we (get). - Hank Willis Thomas.

This lesson supports students to analyze and understand power through identification of erroneous systems and oppressive ideologies using the contemporary art pieces of Hank Willis Thomas. The bulk of this learning is dependent on what students see and understand the artist to be communicating. When students dive into discussion that is supported by active engagement with the pieces, they will uncover rich thinking and knowledge about the systems around them.

LENGTH Two 50min Sessions


SUBJECT Civics | Social Studies | Art


How does the work of Hank Willis Thomas helps us to recognize erroneous systems?

How can we interrogate language that anchors and maintains oppressive ideologies (such as imperialism and white supremacy)?


Projector, laptop, wifi

Player and Speakers


Session 1: “Absolute Power,” Part One Session 2: “Absolute Power,” Part Two

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