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Historical and contemporary ideas of power are addressed including how to build collective power that bridges people across experiences.

Power & Positionality

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Let Me Tell You What I Wish I Knew

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Explore the ways that our bodies collect, hold, and disseminate knowledge as embodiment and social gestures lead to social outcomes.


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Self as Social Gesture

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Students understand the complexities of their lineages, themselves and others in order to have a fuller engagement with their voice in the world.

Heavy is The Hyphen: The Listener

Overview | Download

Heavy Is The Hyphen: The Letters

Overview | Download

We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For

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Learners are invited to explore a range of narratives to examine their purpose and function and to develop and share their own.

Disrupting the Master Narrative 

Overview | Download

New Mythologies, Flip the Script

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